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I too had the P0420 error code until last week and was trying to find answers as I had. Repair Information for P0420 Nissan code. Learn what does P0420. Nissan Altima Factory Service Bulletin OBDII Code PNissan Altima. Code p0420 simply means that your catalytic converter is not working properly. There are a number of things that could be causing this p0420 catalyst efficiency code. The most common thing is the. · Hi i have a Nissan altima 80, 000 miles on it, i recently got the code p0420 and when i checke the code it said catalytic something under threshold. PNissan Altima Sedan Description The Engine Control Module monitors the switching frequency ratio of heated oxygen sensors 1 ( front O2 sensor) and heated oxygen sensors 2 ( rear O2 sensor). · Nissan Altima Check Engine Light - P0420 Code I have a Nissan Altima with aprox 136k miles. Friday I put gas in - Nissan Altima question. I have a nissan altima 2. 5L was running rough at about 1500 rpm and ch3ck engine light was flashing pulled codes had code for p0303 for misfire cylinder 3 so replaced # 3 ignition coil code p0. Nissan OBD- II Trouble Codes. 5 So far I' ve Replaced MAF sensor, Replaced ECT sensor,.

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    Nissan Specific Trouble Codes. · P0420 code for 04 nissan altima? People keep saying its the Cat but my car runs fine and doesnt smell like a rotten. P0420 code for Nissan Altima? Nissan Altima Error Code P0420 OBD- II Trouble Codes Definition, Description and Repair Information / Engine- Codes. It has been determined that i need to replace the cat, because of the p0420 code. it does not keep an idle unless i s. Why are Check Engine, VSC Trac and Trac Off lig. The check engine, vsc trac, and trac off lights are all on. I have a altima 2. 5 S mileage is 147000 i pour lucas upper cylinder. i pullover to autozone they scanned it and code is P0420. should i replace the. any trouble codes but i could tell it was running rough when i got it.

    · P0420 Nissan Catalyst System Efficiency Below. Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. Bulletin OBDII Code PNissan Altima. Question: O2 Sensor Before Or After The Catalytic Converter, I think I need an O2 senor replaced on my 02 nissan altima because the P0420 ( Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold ( Bank 1) ) code came up. Q: After I full with gas I got code P0420 Hello, thank you for writing in. When there are issue with the vehicle’ s gas recirculation system, the engine may pull in excess exhaust fumes. · Engine Code and Check Engine Light P0420 and P0507 for Nissan Altima, P0507 Idle Control System. · P0420 trouble code im getting on titan Nissan. P1701 Trans backup error history and a P0420 catalyst. Hi I have a nissan titan my. P0420 OBD- II Trouble Code Guide: Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold ( Bank 1) When your check engine light comes on with a P0420 code, that can mean only one thing – an expensive trip to your auto mechanic.

    Nissan Altima Problem Code P0420 Sections Engine- Codes. com / All About OBDII Engine Codes PNissan Altima Sedan- my manifold id' s cracked can that be the. mil ‘ on’ with dtc p0420: catalytic converter is undamaged. description pfp op code sym dia frt dtc p0420 diagnosis ( 1). Nissan Altima - P0420 code ( self. Cartalk) submitted 3 years ago by XBLChronic. So i took my car to autozone to see what the check engine ligt was on for and they. How to fix you emissions p0420 code for cheap, easy, fast. Watch this video and learn how to turn off you cars check engine in under 10 minutes with parts available at your local auto parts store. There are no recalls for catalytic converters, and the factory emission warranty of 8 years/ 80, 000 miles has expired by now. Very rarely, replacement of the downstream oxygen sensor can correct the P0420 code. Code P0420: Catalyst system.

    p1272 code replaced the following on a Altima. I have a Nissan Altima with code p1272. which I’ m told is. Nissan Pathfinder shows p0430 and p0420. if clearing code and drive in temperature under - 15 celsius no code Wh. Oct 02, | Nissan Altima. Car OBD Codes, OBD- II Codes, Error Codes. As the Nissan P0420 code description implies the Nissan P0420 code means that the vehicle’ s. · Service Engine Soon Code P0420 Altima Car Forums. For some reason now when Nissan cats go bad they just don' t go bad, they start to come apart.

    I have this code on my 06 Altima. I was told at local shop that its no big deal just to run it. Machanic told me If I took it to the dealer they would tell me I had to replace the catylic converter which is part of the manifold or something and it would be like $ 1, 000 just for the part. Detailed information on the P0420 dtc trouble code. I REPLACED MY CAT CONVERTER IN MY NISSAN QUEST AND IT RAN FOR 18 MONTHS AND. Fix for error code P0420. · Cheap OBD code P0430 & P0420 fix. Had the P0430 code thrown on my Pathy which according to the Factory Shop Manual. It is very common on theNissan Altima. How to repair a PO420 on a Nissan Altima with a 2. You may not have to replace the catalytic converter with this easy repair. Q: Nissan Altima- Won' t move when the code reads p0420 on the scanner.

    Did my transmission go? Is it my catalytic converter like code said? Check Engine Light Due to Catalytic Converter Failure on Nissan Altima. Nissan Altima 166, 000 mi,. Check Engine light is ON, Troubleshooting code P0420, Definition: Catalyst system efficiency below threshold-. I did a diagnostic and P0420 code appeared. What doesmit mean and what parts to replaced. I removed the battery and code disappears but comes bac. · I have an 06 altima s 4 cylinder with a re manufactured engine and got the P0420 code. Car: 03 nissan altima 3. 5se v6 with aem cold air intake,. If the engine is getting too little fuel it causes a lean. and my customer will not be back in a week with that nasty P0420 code. the PO420 Code Error;.