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The service is running as the Local System. use WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId to get the ID of the current active Windows session at the console ( i. the machine keyboard and display, as opposed to WTS sessions). Getting The Error 87 ( ERROR_ INVALID_ PARAMETER) When Calling CreateProcessAsUser? I' ve been assigned to build a windows service that is capable of. I passed the token to CreateProcessAsUser and the test. bat completed with success. Then I tried running the RunProcAs function using delegation, bypassing the LogonUser call, duplicating the token from DelegatedIdentity into a primary token and using the primary token to CreateProcessAsUser. I have found the answer. It turns out to be: Terminal Services: You cannot inherit handles across sessions. Additionally, if this parameter is TRUE, you must create the process in the same session as the caller. CreateProcessAsUser( ) is the Windows API call that will spawn the application to the user as if they double clicked the executable themselves. We are basically calling launcher. exe with arguments that will launch our target app.

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    Createprocessasuser error code

    Dear All, when i call CreateProcessAsUser( ) from a service to start another application, but application start in a special desktop not the current user desktop, i know that the service runs in different desktop/ Session, but in the CreateProcessAsUser( ) you can specify the desktop you want to run the application in: her is my code VAR. You cannot use the token returned from LogonUser in the call to CreateProcessAsUser since LogonUser returns an impersonate token not a primary token. This is why the second method is failing. First create a duplicate key with DuplicateKeyEx specifying to create a primary key and then pass this new token to CreateProcessAsUser. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc. , so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. I have not heard of any issues about this. If you do not hear from anyone else in the next 2 days who has a solution to your problem, my recommendation is to raise this as a fault with Microsoft. Our product installs a service which in turn launches an EXE in the current open user session ( or in session 0 if no one is logged in).

    It uses the WaitForSingleObject API to wait for the exe to exit ( the exe here can exit in response to icon events, action schedules, etc. with specific exit codes), and then uses the GetExitCodeProcess API to figure out the exit code of the exe. I get the same problem on XP when running as a virtual machine inside Windows 7’ s “ Windows XP Mode”. So it’ s not just when running as a remote desktop. Below is my code. Is there any restrictions in modifying Path environment variable during process creation? I can' t seem to find any documentation that says so. On a windows server, running from a service, createprocessasuser fails with error 87, and an error from WLEXECSERVER that says fails to impersonate user. A general function using MFC that runs a command using CreateProcess( ), waits for it to terminate, and returns its ExitCode. This is a short function that will run another program as if from the command line, wait for it to finish, and return the process' s exit code. The option CREATE_ NO_ WINDOW. For those many other developers out there that are no doubt just looking for a code sample to use CreateProcessAsUser( ) to simply launch another application from an application ( rather silly that it seemed appropriate to ONLY provide a code sample for a much less common use like to launch an interactive application from a service), here it is.

    This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Resolving a Windows error code 87 issue is easier than you think. If you are an IT professional or server administrator and you are trying to. 87: Createprocessasuser Yields No Results Even Though No Errors Are Returned. Where is this " nations. Since it' s a relative path the file must exist at the current path. All Rights Reserved. Terms Privacy Opt Out Advertise Privacy Opt Out Advertise. Parameters In CreateProcessAsUser? I' ve been assigned to build a windows service that is capable of launching a proccess into the current interactive user, using VB. The WNetAddConnection2 function makes a connection to a network resource and can redirect a local device to the network resource. The type of network resource to connect to. If the lpLocalName member points to a nonempty string, this member can be equal to RESOURCETYPE_ DISK or RESOURCETYPE_ PRINT. error_ no_ net_ or_ bad_ path The operation could not be completed, either because a network component is not started, or because the specified resource name is not recognized.

    ERROR_ NO_ NETWORK. The message " Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation" indicates that WinZip has been configured to Run as administrator. Some people might do this to. Hi, can you give more details? What did you try exactly? Can you show your code or can you create an example that demonstrates the problem if you cannot show the production code? Improve your productivity and save time. Let your system work for you. GetLastError( ) returns 87 ( ERROR_ INVALID_ PARAMETER) after calling CreateProcessAsUser( ). I am trying to avoid the " session 0 isolation" issue on Windows Vista ( not allowed to display any dialogs from a service which runs in session 0).

    hani safa> wrote in message embarcadero. > when i call CreateProcessAsUser( ) from a service to start > another application, but application start in a special desktop > not the current user desktop, You are responsible for passing the correct user token to CreateProcessAsUser( ). Here is a MSDN document with a sample about how to use “ CreateProcessAsUser( ) ” Win32 API function, though it is C+ + code, we can use P/ Invoke this code snippet in C#, please refer to the following URI. I am using VC+ + to create a process from a service on Vista using CreateProcessAsUser. The process creation is succeeding when i execute this code by login on the machine locally. The code, given in the first part of the article allows to start an interactive application from the service. For example, if the service had displayed an icon in the system tray and that worked perfectly on Windows XP but refused to work on Vista, one could write the separate application for displaying an icon and start it from the service with the code from article. Retrieves the calling thread' s last- error code value. CreateProcessAsUserA function. 10/ 09/ ; 14 minutes to read In this article. Creates a new process and its primary thread. The new process runs in the security context of the user represented by the specified token. CreateProcessAsUser parameter set Remy Lebeau ( TeamB) replied on 03- Apr- : " Christian Wimmer" wrote i' ve tried removing that but it doesn' t have any affect. Because you are defining it and change to the project directory.